Cotter Type Roller Chain Cotter Type Roller Chain
Cotter Type Roller Chain Cotter Type Roller Chain
Cotter Type Roller Chain Cotter Type Roller Chain

Cotter Type Roller Chain

Cotter type for both standard and heavy-duty roller chains manufactured to ANSI standards, size from 50 to 240 and 50H to 200H, single to multiple strands.

Category: ANSI Roller Chain

| About Cotter Type Roller Chain

Standard and heavy-duty cotter type roller chains are made to ANSI standard from size 50 to 240 in single, duplex and triple strands.

Cotter roller chains are designed to assemble and disassemble more easily than riveted roller chain.

However, the outer plates are still press-fit style and require enough pressure to remove the plates.

In addition to cotter roller chains in our catalog, it is possible to have cotter pin type design for other chains.

Additional cotters, pin links, roller links, connecting links (master links), and offset links (half links) are available for fixing or customizing the length.

| Features

  • Assemble and disassemble more easily than riveted chain 
  • Made to ANSI standards
  • Heat treatment to increase hardness and strength 
  • Shot peening to increase fatigue strength
  • Solid bushing and roller to further enhance strength
  • Pre-stretched to minimize initial stretch
  • Pre-lubricated from the factory

| 3 Steps to Disassemble Cotter Type Roller Chain

cotter type chain-1

Step 1:

Close the cotter pin

cotter type chain-2

Step 2:

Remove the cotter pin from pin hole

cotter type chain-3

Step 3:

Remove the plate

Note: the plates are press-fit and require proper tool and pressure to remove.

Roller chain breaker is recommended for easy and safe cutting.


  • Entire worn-out and elongated roller chains should be replaced, not part of it.
  • Outer plates are press-fit.

Cotter Type Roller Chain Dimensions (PDF)

Chain No.Pitch (inch)Pitch (mm)Chain No.
Pitch (inch)
Pitch (mm)

Please refer to above PDF file for detailed dimensions,  duplex and triplex strands.