Heavy Duty Roller Chain Heavy Duty Roller Chain
Heavy Duty Roller Chain Heavy Duty Roller Chain
Heavy Duty Roller Chain Heavy Duty Roller Chain

Heavy Duty Roller Chain

Heavy Duty chains made to ANSI features thicker plates to increase strength and durability. Solid bushing and rollers further enhance strength and working life.

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| About Heavy Duty Roller Chain

heavy duty plate

Heavy duty roller chains manufactured to ANSI standards in single strand and multiple strands are offered.

Featuring thicker plates than standard roller chain at the same pitch, the heavy duty chains could drastically increase the strength, durability, allowable loads and working life.

It is an ideal option for heavy equipment or any applications requiring high strength without having to choose larger size roller chains.  

Additional chain links: outer links, inner links, connecting links (master links), and offset links (half links) are available to repair and customize the length.

| Features

  • Thicker plates to increase strength and durability 
  • Higher tensile strength than the same size of standard roller chain
  • Manufactured to ANSI standards
  • Consisted of heat treated and shot peened components
  • Solid bushing and rollers
  • Pre-stretched and Pre-lubricated

Do you have demand for even higher ultimate strength than heavy duty roller chain for your applications?

Check our high-strength roller chain.

Heavy Duty Roller Chain Dimensions (PDF)

Chain No.Pitch (inch)Pitch (mm)Chain No.Pitch (inch)
Pitch (mm)

Please refer to above PDF file for detailed dimensions,  duplex and triplex strands.


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